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Holiday Hope

The best Holiday message I can deliver to all those affected by the recent Woosley Fire is HOPE, in knowing that we, as a firm of local licensed…

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Malibu City Council Meeting

Douglas W. Burdge of Burdge & Associates Architects spoke about the upcoming initiatives he and other local professionals plan on bringing to the city at the Malibu City Council meeting held in the beginning of December.

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Re-Bu Update..City is Open!

We are excited to give you a few updates regarding the city, debris removal, and beginning the rebuild process. It has been a wild few weeks and it feels a little strange to be moving toward the rebuild process so quickly but alas..

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Rain on the way

We were sent a very insightful email with information about the impending rain and mudslides and wanted to share it:

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Recovery Resources

This is an all-inclusive list of links to information from public services and government.


Who we are

Dedicated to change.

Re-Bu, aka Rebuild Malibu, is a coalition that was born out of Burdge & Associates Architects realizing the need for qualified professionals in Malibu and the greater area after the Woolsey fire destroyed thousands of acres and homes.

Burdge & Associates Architects have teamed up with local builders, contractors, engineers, and many others to create a seamless process for those who fell victim to the fires.

Re-Bu is a ‘one stop shop’ where people can rebuild their homes and also find relevant information about anything from design elements, to drainage plans….


 Rebuilding Sustainably & Efficiently

We have partnered with Plant Prefab to get you back in your home

as quickly as possible…

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