The permit process goes through two stages. First, is the Planning Stage, which is what your architect will be in charge of. Your structural engineer is in charge of the second stage which is Building and Safety. When you hire your architect, they will take the lead in organizing both of these stages and liaising with the city.

Thankfully, for fire rebuilds, the city is expediting the planning stage. It usually takes a year or more, but they have made it possible in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, the Building and safety stage will still be at it’s normal pace as the structure will need to be vetted for safety purposes.

This graphic was provided by the city to give you an idea of the broader rebuild process.

Rebuild option basics- existing code**.jpg

We wait, like many others to receive information from the city and other local sources about this rebuilding process. We will be updating this website page and our social media outlets as soon as we receive information.