Rebuilding Efficiently & Sustainably

We are excited to announce our partnership with Plant Prefab, a home manufacturing company that builds high-quality, sustainable, healthy, and durable single and multi family homes.

One of the many great things about choosing to design your home with us and build with Plant Prefab is that you could be in your new home in around 12 months. That is years ahead of building a custom home in the city of Malibu. For more information, please contact us by filling out the form here or calling our offices at 310-456-5905.


The process

Building a new, custom home can be daunting. It's a big project, and it can take many months. And although we make the process more efficient and predictable, there are ALWAYS hiccups. It’s not like buying a car (wait, there can be hiccups there too!). There are three main groups with whom you’ll work:

  1. Burdge Architects to do design and handle permitting.

  2. A General Contractor who will do your site/foundation work (Burdge Architects will suggest trusted contractors)

  3. Plant Prefab (we build your modules).

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Wildfire help

Plant Prefab and Burdge are already working with a number of clients who lost homes and we are quite aware of how important it is for them – and all victims – to transition out of temporary living situations to a permanent solution as soon as possible.

To show our support, Plant Prefab and LivingHomes are offering the following:

  • Free initial site assessments. Review using online mapping services or photos/video.

  • 50% off our feasibility service. Zoning report, route assessment and preliminary installation plan. *

  • $5,000 in FREE upgrades.

  • 5% off design/admin fees for LivingHomes.

  • * Not including travel or consultant fees 

In addition to a much faster schedule (50-75% less time than building on site), we offer fixed priced contracts (no Change Orders!), and the bulk of your construction is completed in our indoor factory, so there is no risk of weather delay or contamination! And since we’re building the majority of your home off-site, your needs for local site work are less, which is important since your local available General Contractors may be severely limited.

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Sustainable design

Plant Prefab is the first home factory in the nation dedicated to sustainable construction, materials, processes, and operations. They believe homes can and should be built in ways that minimize their negative impact on energy, water, resources — and the health of the people who live in their homes and who build them. They know that in-factory construction can be faster, more cost-effective, and more reliable than on-site construction. And they know it saves neighborhoods from months of noise pollution, traffic and disruption.

To find out more about their sustainability, check out their website here.