11/28/18 Update


Hello Everyone,

We were sent a very insightful email with information about the impending rain and mudslides and wanted to share it:

(This email has been edited to become more applicable)

There seems to be quite the buzz going around now in regards to Mudslides, therefore I would like all of you to please deeply consider the following thoughts after reading the following article on the Montecito mudslide…


We have all heard of the boy whom cried wolf.  I would like to urge all of you to remain aware of the weather forecast and any voluntary/mandatory evacuation we may have throughout the fall, winter, and spring.  Please do not become desensitized to what is going on.  Mudslides are unpredictable and do not happen with our convenience in mind.  The fact remains that some of us are at the bottom of hillsides that no longer have plants, shrubs, and root structures to hold down the loose dirt that will be washed down from hard rains as mud.  

PLEASE READ the National Weather Service Post Wildfire Flash Flood and Debris Flow Guide that has been attached.  This provides detailed information on after fire mudflow events caused by rain as well as other great information on what you can do to prepare.  The time to educate yourself is NOW.  The time to prepare yourself is NOW.

Per David Jassby, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of California, Los Angeles

“I’ve found this map that was very recently generated by the USGS. It is interactive (i.e., you can zoom into our area and change what is mapped (probability of event, volume of flow, etc.), and gives a very detailed view of the risk (in probability) and potential debris flows in our neighborhood.”

“PLEASE SEE USGS Preliminary Hazard Assessment:  https://landslides.usgs.gov/hazards/postfire_debrisflow/detail.php?objectid=251"

“There are definitely areas that have a high risk of debris flow, and the owners should be notified. Please note that the model used to predict these outcomes assumed a very severe storm event (1 inch/hr), but it seems that the event would only need to be very short - 15 minutes.”

Public works has been working on reinforcing debris flows.  This is a help but not a cure all to a massive event that could be triggered by heavy rain of a certain amount of time.  PLEASE educate and prepare yourself.

That being being said, this is not meant to cause you to live in fear, just preparation and awareness.  The best thing you can do is to be prepared and stay situationally aware of the weather and your surroundings.

The best we can do is educate ourselves, prepare,  and remain situationally aware throughout the coming months whilst praying and hoping for a non major event.

For real time updates about evacuations and potential danger, please follow the City of Malibu and enroll to receive their notifications.

All the best,

Re-Bu Team & Burdge & Associates Architects