12/12/18 Update

Re-Bu Update



Hello Re-Bu and Burdge friends,

We are excited to give you a few updates regarding the city, debris removal, and beginning the rebuild process. It has been a wild few weeks and it feels a little strange to be moving toward the rebuild process so quickly but alas, the city has reopened and we’re all hitting the ground running!

First, we want to list the offices that are open and useful to you.

-The Disaster Assistance Center (DAC) is open and is located at the former Malibu Courthouse. The address is 23555 Civic Center Way and hours of operation are Monday- Thursday 1-8pm, and Friday- Saturday 10-6pm.

-FEMA is stationed outside of the DAC. If you need financial assistance, please visit with them or register here to see if you qualify.

-City Hall and all it’s departments officially reopened on Tuesday, November 27. All departments are open.

We urge you, if you have current, pre-fire projects with the city to please contact your city planner or Burdge project manager. We want to ask the city to apply a “no skip in line” policy so that you’re projects don’t get put on the back burner with all the new projects coming in. If this applies to you, please reach out to us and we will provide you with more information.

The following are a list of steps that should be taken soon to ensure the most efficient rebuild process:

1. It’s important to have a tree expert come out to your property prior to debris removal. Often times, when the debris removal crew comes, they will take out trees or landscaping that might be salvageable and something you want to keep. So, contact someone on this BAA preferred list.

2. You must have your debris removed legally. Do not try to remove debris or ash yourself as it can be hazardous. The EPA is in Malibu to authorize the beginning of debris removal and demolition. Debris removal is currently free. Please find more information regarding debris removal here. Click here to fill out the Debris ROE of residential property debris removal.

Updated (12/6/18) LOS ANGELES (Dec. 6, 2018)—The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), in coordination with Los Angeles County Public Works, will provide debris removal for homes destroyed by the Woolsey Fire at no cost to property owners and residents.

The free removal of non-hazardous fire debris applies to destroyed residential homes with a maximum of one wall standing. It also applies to mobile homes, as well as vehicles and boats on a property where a home was destroyed. For a complete list of eligible debris, visit lacounty.gov/lacountyrecovers.

Property owners must opt-in to the program by submitting a Right of Entry (ROE) form. The form provides consent for debris removal teams to access a property.

The ROE form can be accessed in the following ways:

 Online at lacounty.gov/lacountyrecovers;
 By phone at 888-CLEAN-LA (888-253 2652); and
 In person at the Woolsey Fire Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC), located at Malibu Courthouse (23525 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265) and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Building (30440 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91301).

Property owners are encouraged to contact their homeowners insurance providers, as any insurance proceeds for debris removal will be dedicated to off-set costs.

Property owners can submit ROE forms in person at the Woolsey Fire DRCs or via email to woolseyfire@dpw.lacounty.gov. Deadline for submittal is Dec. 31, 2018.

Before the removal of non-hazardous fire debris begins, teams from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the California Department of Toxic Substance Control and Los Angeles County Fire Department must complete their removal of household hazardous waste from properties affected by the fire. This work is already in
progress and does not require property-owner consent.

Property owners are strongly encouraged to participate in the government-assisted debris removal program, as it will be a safer, streamlined process with no-fee administered. If residents choose not to use services provided, there are a number of procedures that
must be followed to safely remove debris including the completion of a Local Fire Debris Removal Program Application, which can be found on lacounty.gov/lacountyrecovers.

For questions on fire debris removal programs, contact 888-CLEAN-LA (888-253-2652).

2. Apply for a demolition permit with the City Building Safety Division. You can find the form at this link.

3. Hire a licensed surveyor to document your original foundation footprint. Click on this link to find a list of Burdge & Associate Architects approved surveyors.

4. Go to this website to access what the county has on record per the tax accessors office that your home is permitted for. Please note: what the tax accessor has and what you think you have are likely to be different. This is an important step, so be sure to find out what their records show.

We will continue to give more updates on what you can be doing in the meantime.


For any neighborhoods or HOA’s that would like Doug Burdge & his staff to speak/answer questions at your meetings, please contact office@buaia.com to schedule.

Best wishes to you all,

Re-Bu Team