12/23/18 Update

Holiday Hope Update




The best Holiday message I can deliver to all those affected by the recent Woosley Fire is HOPE, in knowing that we, as a firm of local licensed architects and dedicated professionals, will continue to have your best interests in mind as we proceed working hard over the next few years.

We have already begun ardent discussions with our local City, County, State & Federal governing bodies, which you can watch by clicking the play button on the video below.

We have already hired and aligned ourselves with multiple specialty consultants who have much experience in dealing with similar disaster rebuilding efforts. And more importantly will continue to offer personal attention during these times of dire need.  

So please take a moment over the Holidays to give thanks to all we still have and surround yourselves with loving family and caring friends. Best to you all, and we look forward to providing Hope over the coming seasons.

Douglas W. Burdge, AIA